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About posting job advertisements

A publication fee will be charged for each plan.
You can choose from three types of plans: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.
There will be no introduction fee at the time of recruitment. (Visa type doesn't matter)

When we receive an application from a job seeker, we can contact the person directly without going through our company.

"I don't want to pay a referral fee."
“I want to hire as many people as possible within the cost of posting.”
This plan is for companies that want to approach job seekers in a variety of ways.

Service contents

  • 1

    with the applicant
    Direct communication possible

    Your company can view information, exchange messages, and manage schedules.

  • 2

    Posted in “Notable Jobs”

    Posted in "Notable Jobs" (slide page), which are the easiest to get noticed in job postings on Hataraku JAPAN*option

  • 3

    Delivery of e-mail newsletter

    Job seekers who have registered as members of Hataraku JAPAN can receive an e-mail newsletter with job postings four times a month.*option

Basic publication fee

3monthly plan 6monthly plan 12monthly plan
Basic publication cost (excluding tax)
(1 item/1 job type/1 area)
Monthly amount<br>
Monthly amount<br>
Monthly amount<br>
ID account Up to XNUMX accounts
Job advertisement creation Created by your company
  • Prices vary depending on the region.Please see the separate price list for other plans and options.
  • These prices are as of November 2023 and are subject to change without notice.

Management screen image
<Top screen>
<List of application information>

Flow of publication

  1. Step1

    Contact FormPlease contact us.After that, we will conduct a publication review.

  2. Step2

    After signing the review contract, we will issue you an ID and password.Please read the manual and create a job advertisement at your company.

  3. Step3

    Once the job advertisement is created, it will begin posting. *Minimum of XNUMX to XNUMX days until publication starts

  4. Step4

    Once you have applied, you can view applicant information, communicate with them, and conduct interviews directly on the management screen.

*Please contact us if you would like support for specific skills.