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About recruitment

It is a complete success fee type with no initial cost required.
Only if the job is decided, a referral fee of 350,000 yen* or 30% of the job seeker's annual income will be charged. (The amount varies depending on the type of visa)
*450,000 yen for specific skill nursing care

When we receive an application from a job seeker, "Hataraku JAPAN" staff who are experts in recruiting foreigners will interview the job seeker, select them, and then introduce them to your company.

"We don't want to incur costs until the personnel is decided."
“There is a chronic shortage of human resources, so we would like to recruit for long-term employment.”
This plan is for companies that want to leave the troublesome tasks to them.

Service contents

  • 1

    Free posting of job postings

    Worker JAPAN will enter the information you hear, so you don't have to worry about inputting it.

  • 2

    Human resources
    Selected by “Hataraku JAPAN”

    We will select only good human resources who meet the conditions and introduce them to your company.

  • 3

    Posting in featured jobs

    Published in the "Notable Jobs" (slide page) that are the most visible in the job postings of Hataraku JAPAN (posted for a limited time)

Recruitment fee

Technology · Humanities · International work
Residence status without work restrictions
Foreign recruitment fee Expected annual income30%*
Applying for Certificate of EligibilityIncludes all set related to intermediation of residence status application, etc.** 120,000Yen ~

*Estimated annual salary: The sum of 12 months of monthly salary (including various allowances that can be calculated, excluding commuting allowance and child allowance) and the estimated bonus amount calculated from the previous year's results, or 13 months of monthly salary. .

**A separate permission fee of 4,000 yen is required to apply for permission to change residence status.

Specified skills
Foreign recruitment feeIncluding follow-up after job offer 350,000Yen*
Applying for Certificate of EligibilityIncludes everything related to support plan creation, residence status application, etc.** 160,000Yen ~
Support management feeThe support menu isClick here for the guidelines. Monthly amount<br>35,000Yen

*In the case of specific skill nursing care, it will be 450,000 yen.

**A separate permission fee of 4,000 yen is required to apply for permission to change residence status.

Total management management fee Monthly amount<br>40,000circle~
[Option] VISA application agencyIncludes everything related to application intermediary* 100,000Yen ~
Part-time job for foreign residents
Part-time job introduction fee 50,000Yen

  • All prices are per person.
  • Consumption tax will be added to the price separately.
  • These prices are as of November 2023 and are subject to change without notice.

Flow until recruitment

  1. Step1

    Contact FormPlease contact us.

  2. Step2

    After applying, a representative will contact you regarding the job offer.

  3. Step3

    "Working JAPAN" will create a job listing based on the content of the interview.

  4. Step4

    Posting will begin after the final check at your company.

  5. Step5

    If we receive an application, we will interview you at "Working JAPAN" and introduce you to your company after selection.

  6. Step6

    After an interview at your company, we will make a hiring decision.