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Can be active in the world for 100 years
create human resources

Everyone has their own wings,
We want each and every one of us to utilize the potential of our wings.

Spread your wings wide and fly endlessly into the sky.
May the wings of your dreams straddle the world and allow you to go anywhere freely.
May the smile you leave on your journey last for 100 years.

At Workaday Japan, we listen to the voices of human resources and host organizations, work closely with them, and help them bring out their potential.
We not only connect "human resources with potential around the world" and "companies", but also accompany them beyond that.
We want to be a bridge that connects the happiness, smiles, and dreams of everyone involved with us.

Introducing our listing plans

We have two types of plans available for posting job postings on Worker Japan.
``I don't want to pay introduction fees'' ``I want to reduce initial costs''
You can choose according to your needs.

Features of Working JAPAN

This is possible because we are a registered support organization.
From recruiting to joining the company
Bulk support

When hiring a foreigner with a specific skill visa, there are several obligations to provide support such as advance guidance, securing housing, and contracts necessary for daily life.When using regular job posting sites, once a job is decided, the hiring company will either provide support or you will need to find a new registration support organization.

Hataraku JAPAN, which is also a registered support organization, continues to provide daily life support and interviews during regular post-employment visits even after a job seeker has been hired.