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Registration support agencyGlobal Business Network (GBN)It is a "multilingual recruitment site for foreigners who want to work in Japan" operated by.
You can easily find and apply for a job from overseas as well as from within Japan, even if you are not in Japan.
We handle recruitment of part-time jobs for international students as well as foreigners who want to get a job.

There is no charge for posting.
Fees will be charged only when you are offered a job, so please feel free to use it to recruit your company.

About job postings

Publication fee is "free"

At Working Japan, job offers from companies can be posted free of charge regardless of the posting period.Since it is a success fee type, the fee to our company will be charged when the employment of the foreign applicant introduced is decided.

Until the hiring is decided, the use of the recruitment site will be XNUMX yen, and the referral fee will not be decided until the informal decision.
If you have any questions about your request for publication or fees after the offer is decided, please contact us.Click here for the guidelines.Please contact us.

Video is also posted "free"

Why don't you convey the atmosphere of the company with a video?You can also post videos for free.
Posting a video will increase your job application.

In addition, showing the company's normal appearance increases reality, making it easier for recruiters to imagine how they work.We have also prepared a manual so that you can easily take videos, so please make use of it.

Utilization of Facebook

GBN Vietnam has over 6,000 followers on Facebook.
We post job information from time to time so that foreign personnel can see the latest job information in real time.
Besides Vietnam, we also distribute Facebook for Indonesian people.

In addition, for foreigners living in Japan, hints to enrich their lives in Japan are distributed daily in their native language, so it is effectively used as a tool other than job information.

Currently, Facebook is the main communication tool for Vietnamese and Indonesians.We will deliver job information of JAPAN that works to a large number of followers, no longer than those who search for jobs on a personal computer.

Posting on the job site is created by GBN

Please fill in the application details in the inquiry form.At a later date, the person in charge will ask about the details.
GBN will do the input for posting on the troublesome job site, soThe labor required for recruiting can be greatly reduced.

We also create job postings quickly,Job vacancies will be posted on the site in the near future.

Support by foreign staff

Before introducing applicants to foreign companies, our foreign staff provide native language support to job seekers.Currently, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Filipinos are enrolled.

If an applicant has a question about the content of the job offer, we will use Facebook and respond in your native language to the extent that GBN can respond.

What is the operating company "GBN"?

At GBN, we are developing and introducing global human resources based on the philosophy of "spinning" culture "and" people "and creating human resources who can play an active role in the world up to 100 years from now."

We will listen to the voices of foreign human resources and host companies, and help you to get close to them and bring out their potential.We will search for a human resources introduction service that is considerate and highly satisfying by connecting human resources and companies with the right person in the right place.

Site operated by registration support organization

We have a system in place to support the problems of living in Japan, so it is reassuring and reassuring for both foreign human resources and host companies.
In the specific skill foreigner support business performed by the registration support organization, we have prepared "GBN 5-star support support" that fully supports the complicated procedure when hiring a specific skill foreigner and foreigner life support on behalf of the company. I am.We provide one-stop support from preparations for foreigners before entering Japan to care while staying in Japan and career opportunities after returning to their home countries.
Not only connecting human resources and employment of companies, but also support after employment, please leave it to GBN.

<GBN 5-star support support / example> * Specific skills only

Career sommelier
We provide detailed support at the preparatory stage, such as advance guidance and departure follow-up.
We will eliminate the anxiety of living in Japan and increase motivation to come to Japan.

Life concierge (charged)
We will follow up on daily life other than work, such as immigration transfer, life orientation, and support for contracts necessary for life.
A person in charge will be assigned to each person to support the Iroha of living in a foreign country in the local language.

In learning Japanese, we also introduce Japanese language classes for those living overseas and e-learning for those living in Japan.

Features of Working JAPAN

In addition to providing guidance to those who are currently looking for a job, we are focusing on developing human resources for students who want to work in Japan in the future.We will introduce promising human resources with specialized knowledge and Japanese language education to companies considering employment of foreigners.

Proposal of internship system

If you want to take the time to develop and hire talented people from Asian countries, we recommend the internship system.
The advantage of introducing an internship is that you can directly appeal your company to excellent foreign students and connect them to future employment opportunities.Since the internship has already deepened the understanding of both parties, the introduction after employment will be smooth and the turnover rate due to mismatch will be reduced.

GBN has a direct tie-up with private universities in Asian countries, and it is possible to introduce human resources that meet the needs of companies by organizing specialized technology and Japanese language programs mainly in the automobile maintenance industry and accommodation industry. I can do it.
From internship to employment, GBN supports all the procedures.

Information distribution

Happy life recipe in Japan (information distribution in Japan)

For people in Asian countries living in Japan, we provide daily tips to make your life richer and more enjoyable.
For companies considering hiring foreigners, we provide interviews with foreigners who are active in Japan and deeply explain the situation in Vietnam from various angles.

Acceptance video of Indonesian nationality

Four Indonesians entered Odate City, Akita Prefecture with a specific skill visa.You can watch the video about what happened after coming to Japan and the first meeting with the host company.

Online seminar (archive)

We hold regular seminars on the job openings posted on Hataraku JAPAN.

visa aptitude chart

You need to obtain a visa to work in Japan, but the conditions differ depending on the type of visa you want to obtain.
You can easily check the visa acquisition conditions using this diagnostic chart.