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This is a multilingual recruitment site for foreigners who want to work in Japan.

You can search and apply for jobs anytime and anywhere. Since it is a free recruiting site, there is no charge for membership registration, viewing of recruiting information, application to companies, etc.

HATARAKU JAPAN not only connects "human resources in the world with potential" and "corporations", but also accompanies them and connects the "happiness", "smiles" and "dreams" of everyone involved with us. I want to be a bridge.We will help you expand the wings of everyone's potential and make your dream wings fly to the world.

Point 1
Free recruitment site that allows you to apply regardless of time and place

If you are looking for a specific skill job, you can register and apply immediately if you have passed the specific skill test and the Japanese language proficiency test (N4 or higher).
"Can I apply?" "How will the interview go?"Also, there is no charge for using the site.

First, we will interview you and ask what kind of work you want to do.After that, I will introduce you to the job that you want.

Many of the interviews with companies are flexible, such as conducting online interviews (depending on the recruiting company).Please feel free to apply.

Hataraku JAPAN also handles part-time jobs.
In particular, there are many opportunities in hotel, inn, and restaurant industries, and students who are fluent in English and in the hospitality department can get a lot of job information.

Those who live in Japan

When applying for a specific skill visa job, you can apply for a job regardless of nationality as long as you have passed two tests, the "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" and the "specific skill evaluation test" for each industry. . Please see the information on "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" and "Specified Skills Evaluation Test" from the button below.

Also, if you want to work in Japan other than a specific skill visa, the conditions will differ depending on the type of visa you want to obtain.
You can easily check using the diagnostic chart, so please check if you meet the conditions.

Click here for exam information  Click here for visa aptitude test

People living abroad

We can introduce Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.
In the future, we plan to expand to Nepal and Myanmar.

Point 2
You can check the latest recruitment information on Facebook

We post job information on our Facebook page from time to time. By following our Facebook page, the latest job information will come in in real time, if there is a job that your are interested in, click the URL beside the post.

We also provide tips to make your life in Japan richer and more enjoyable, so you can get information other than job listings.

GBN Facebook

Point 3
Recruiting site operated by a registered support organization

HATARAKU JAPAN is a recruiting site operated by a registration support agency (GBN).We have a system in place to support the problems of living in Japan, so it is reassuring and reassuring for both foreign human resources and host companies.

In the specific skill foreigner support business conducted by the registration support organization, we have prepared "5-star support" that fully supports the complicated procedure when hiring a specific skill foreigner and foreigner life support on behalf of the company. I am.
We also introduce local Japanese language classes to those who live overseas.

5-star support / example > *Specific skills only

Career sommelier
We provide detailed support at the preparatory stage, such as advance guidance and departure follow-up.
We will eliminate the anxiety of living in Japan and increase motivation to come to Japan.

Life concierge (charged)
We will follow up on daily life other than work, such as immigration transfer, life orientation, and support for contracts necessary for life.A person in charge will be assigned to each person to support the Iroha of living in a foreign country in the local language.

Point 4
You can immediately introduce the sending organization affiliated with working JAPAN (GBN).

The only sending agencies that we are affiliated with are the reliable agencies that we have visited, actually seen, talked to, and confirmed.
Each institution has a wealth of know-how cultivated through many years of experience, and veteran Japanese instructors also provide practical lessons in Japanese language education.We are also focusing on etiquette education and practical training for affiliated companies, and we are organizing a program that can be an immediate force assuming working in Japan.

We will cooperate only with reliable sending organizations that have solid measures such as education, facilities, recruitment ability, costs, etc., and support foreign human resources so that they can play an active role in Japanese companies with a full course support system.

Sending agency affiliated with GBN


[Headquarters] Vietnam (Hanoi)
[Establishment] September 2011
[Sending license] Labor illness and injury soldiers Ministry of Social Welfare No. 1286 / LDTBXH-GP


[Headquarters] Indonesia (Java)
[Establishment] September 2018
[Sending license] Minister of Labor Decision Form Overseas Worker Dispatch Permission Decision Number 2020 No. 382


[Head office] Myanmar (Yangon)
[Establishment] September 2023
[Sending license] Ministry of Labor and Immigration, Ministry of Labor License number 227/2023
[Japanese language school] Sakura Global Japanese Training Center


[Headquarters] Bangladesh (Dhaka)
[Establishment] September 1999
[Sending license] Labor, Employment and Training Bureau License number RL-680


[Headquarters] Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
[Establishment] September 2010
[Sending License] Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Number 124/20 ក.ប/ប្ប.ក.ម.ហ
[Japanese language school] Takara Japanese language school

Withus Total Airport ServiceA

[Headquarters] South Korea (Incheon)
[Established] Month 2023
[Sending license] Chubu Regional Employment and Labor Agency No. 202301 (F1 500020230001)